The BBC DOCTOR WHO EXPERIENCE was a permanent display of the entire remaining stock of costumes and props from the longest running Sci-Fi / drama serial on television. Representative of the entire 27 years of the series - with displays featuring the 1960's colour movies featuring THE DALEKS, and the 1996 television movie produced in the United States, which introduced the 8th DOCTOR WHO portrayed by British actor PAUL McGANN.

Sylvester McCoy  at Llangollen
George Smith, Manager at the Dr Who Experience

It was the largest display to date, and the biggest permanent Sci-Fi exhibition ever. The exhibits on display were largely priceless with many having survived more than 39 years of use (and abuse) during the making of the show, and a number of static and touring exhibitions.The materials employed in the construction of the costumes used do not lend themselves to longevity of service - many of the earlier costumes made of latex and other perishables, have disintegrated or been destroyed. The exhibits on display were under reinforced glass to ensure their security for generations to come.

The exhibition was located with DAPOL due to their long standing relationship with the BBC in producing licensed merchandise. DAPOL acquired the rights to produce DOCTOR WHO action figures and other merchandise in 1987 during the era of Sylvester McCoy, the licence itself recently expired and has not been renewed despite the success of the range. The Dr Who Experience sadly closes in 2003. Hyde Fundraisers greatly appreciate the co-operation and support from the Dr Who Experience in the construction of this site

Colin Baker & Caroline John at one of the 'Day With The Doctor'  Events
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