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Exhibition promotional leaflets

The Exhibition was entered on pavement level thru an oversized Police Box Exterior with steps leading down.

Within this space Lorne Martin, who was in charge of Exhibitions at BBC Enterprises, co-ordinated the layout which consisted of a winding passage with display units on either side that culminated in a Console Room with the TARDIS Console the centre attraction and displays around the sides housing various villains.

The last display area was reserved to house the Daleks which included two on tracks to give them some movement in the display area. This was display was given Davros in a later season who was given pride of place. Also in a later season at the Exhibition the first display in the console room was given a track on which K-9 glided around gladly informing visitors that 'The Doctor and Mistress Romana were currently travelling in Time And Space and on behalf of BBC Enterprises welcomed you to this Exhibition'.
Tom Baker visits the Exhibition in 1976
Ian Marter Signs Autographs in 1976

Tom Baker made a visit to the Exhibition in August 1975 with Ian Marter and Lis Sladen when crowds packed Blackpool's Golden Mile to see him. This included a parade with Tom Baker standing in Bessie,the Mayoress and UNIT Driver, leading a procession of monsters in their wake ! These included a Zygon, Bellal, Sontaran, Sea Devil and Cyberman.The main reason for the visit was the annual switch on of the Blackpool Illuminations, an honour always reserved for a topical popular celebrity. In 1985 Colin Baker and Nicola Bryant visited the Exhibition as part of the BBC Children In Need Appeal and signed autographs in the console room.

On exit from the Exhibition area you would pass the shop which featured special Exhibition merchandise together with other items. You could pick up a Jigsaw, Poster Magazine or one of the many Target books and in later years even imported USA Dr Who products. Some of the items on sale included postcards, pencils, rulers, mugs and erasers all emblazoned with the Dr Who Exhibition motif on them. Tom Baker even featured on a specially commissoned 'Welcome To Blackpool' postcard. The Exhibition season was usually from Easter until the end of October. Between November and March some of the displays would be refurbished to include monsters and sets from the most recent televised adventures.

Sometimes some staff or fans would be costumed as a villain or character to entertain the Exhibition visitors. So if you were ever menaced by a Cybermen in a darkened Exhibition corridor you know who was to blame.Many fans would meet up at the Exhibition in Blackpool, including the annual DWAS pilgrimage. It was through meeting people and making friends at the Exhibition in Blackpool that led to the creation of Hyde Fundraisers.

The Tom Baker postcard
With the Lady Mayoress of Blackpool

It was a sad moment when the TARDIS closed its doors on the Golden Mile for the final time at the end of October in 1985. But here is the good news....

The Blackpool DOCTOR WHO MUSEUM opened in 2004 at the Golden Mile Centre, next door to the Sea Life Centre. After five years it finally closed its doors on November 8th 2009. For more details please click here or see our feature below !


Blackpool even added some Dr Who Illuminations during the run of the Dr Who Museum with illuminated characters and police boxes being a feature for several years!
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