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The Cheetah people in a purrfect setting!
The Gods Of Ragna Rock enjoy Blackpool
Howzat - the fifth doctor's costumeHow tasteless - Dr number 6Season 18 Forth Dr outfit
model Tetrap, Scanner from PARADISE TOWERS and other propsA Tetrap claw and Silurian lasermore props
A surviving Exillon mask
Davros surevys the Dalek battle computer
Peekaboo from a MarshmanA Tetrap does an impression of Cilla !Come and have a go if ya think yer hard enuff - says the Sontaran
The Ice Warrior display
The Auton seems unimpressed with pool cleaner robot!
A selection of surviving masks
Mandrels on the prowl
There was a chance to have your instant photo with characters in 1984Mr Sin awaits orders in 1977
Come on, smile please!
A cryon is unconcerned by the Cybermans fate!
More masks on display
The Dalek Emperor
    Must be the CURSE OF FENRICA Robot and his dog!Exterminate! A new Dalek appears in Blackpool
The Kandy man can !
Clowns, Sontaran and the Garm - the new pop sensations!
Chancellery Guard costume and TimelordTrapped in the TARDISThe costume cupboard has a few gems inside
And here is the main news again...a Husk from Ghostlight
The que to the toilets seemed very long!!!
Morbius was glad he's signed for BUPA
The Vervoids had been great fans of Ground Force
The Kandy man CanOmega from ARC OF INFINITYpoor Tetrap!
The Cybermen display
The snake from Kinda
A plaything of Sutekh!The Cybermen with the Cyberscope from Silver NemesisA Gundan awakes
The console is alive in Blavkpool again
The Silurian is suffering skin trouble
MestorA decaying TractatorThe L1 robot
The Chancellery Guard captain costume
A Dinosaur that survived Adric's impact!!
The Pirate and his ParrotThe Garm lost his right arm!Its Melkur
Emperor from REMEMBRANCE
A Dalek in Impressive condition
A TimelordNussa's costume and Chancellery GuardAnother Timelord - who said they had all gone?
Ambassador costume and Chancellery Guard
A Vervoid
Two of the Gods of Ragnor Rock
A FoamasiPipe Person and Timelord CollarMandrels from eden!!
Mask remnants
Bellal & Terileptil masks to name a couple
The Lion and Mutt seem to be faring better than the Silurian
Ergon & Marshman heads
The jaw has started to come off the Tractator on the left
The Malus!
Ace & Adrics gear!
Enter the console room!
Set the co-ordinates for Nostalgia
The musem hosted a few exhibits from the new series
The Slitheen was amongst the new characters
The TARDIS wardrobe
Amazing what you can find in an old basket!
Its a jailbreak - monsters on the loose
Wanna buy a car sir ?
The Sea Devil still looks prettu good after 25 years!Kinda and castrovalvan masks from 1982Davros seems in agony!
Where is the scarecrow head ?kiddies favourite - The SlitheenNovice Hame, apprently
Pussies Galore! The Cheetah PeopleThe Doctors beloved car, Bessie
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